Does everyone have to follow your instruction?

In Snappet, you already have the choice to set up separate lesson plans for students following learning paths 2 or 3. Now, above the instruction assignments, you’ll also find a handy suggestion for students on learning path 1. Students who follow learning path 1 have more time to achieve goals at the 1F level. To allow enough time for this, you can choose in some cases to have these students skip lessons at the 1S level. For every lesson about a 1S goal, you’ll see this suggestion: “Some students may skip this lesson or instruction.”

Students who exit at the 1F level don’t automatically skip all goals at the 1S level: you can introduce them to 1S level goals, but they don’t necessarily have to achieve them. If you choose to have certain students skip the lesson, let them continue working independently on, for example, their work package or previous lessons, while you address the 1S level learning goal.

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