Choosing the weekly planning that really suits you?

With the complete Snappet Arithmetic teaching method, you have everything you need to design arithmetic education in school according to your own wishes. The strong didactic foundation and clear instruction lessons give you a lot of support to provide the best instructions every day.

Upon request, you can now choose between two different lesson plans within the Snappet Arithmetic method (formerly RekenDoelen): multiple subdomains per week (interleaving) or 1 subdomain per week (blocking). Both lesson plans cover the same material. The choice is yours.

Snappet recommends Snappet Arithmetic (interleaving) for most classes. This generally works better for three reasons:

In some classes, Snappet Arithmetic – 1 subdomain per week (blocking) may be better. For example, in combination groups or with specific student populations. These classes can now better integrate the benefits of Snappet Arithmetic.

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