Supplemental solutions

Many of the new possibilities can also be used in addition to other core curricula. Such as independently catching up on a missed instruction, extra adaptive practice with direct feedback, special learning lines or extra challenge for strong students.

Discover now how you can strengthen your current curriculum with Snappet as a supplement. Create an account and try it yourself in your class.

Tools for every teacher

Here are some of our additional solutions that are available:

  • Did a student miss your instruction? Let him or her independently catch up on the lesson.
  • Extra adaptive practice for each student at his or her own level – with immediate feedback
  • Custom learning paths for students with specific needs
  • Enrich your strong students with challenging assignments in every lesson of your method
  • Let your students enjoy engaging read-aloud stories every day
  • Strengthen fluency with adaptive, timed exercises

Discover for yourself

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