Next generation
core curricula

If every teacher and class is unique, then why is your lessonplan not unique? Imagine what a lessonplan would look like if you had reviewed and analyzed the workbooks of hundreds of thousands of students every day for 10 years. To find out what works best for whom and when. A core curriculum that combines proven best practices with the latest pedagogical insights, all refined by the input of teachers from more than 2500 elementary schools.

That’s exactly what we’ve done at Snappet. Our team of over 200 educational specialists, former teachers, and subject experts have put everything into creating the ultimate core curriculum for math that you can easily and flexibly adapt to the specific needs of you as a teacher, your students, and your school. Because every class is unique.

Balance between workbooks and interactive course material

Thanks to our collaboration with more than 2500 schools, we know exactly where which strategies and exercises work best. And when it’s best to work in a workbook, interactively, or with concrete materials. For instance, we know that making small steps on the learning line is more effective than making larger steps and that addressing one learning goal per instruction lesson leads to the best results. Want to know more?

Snappet Math

The Snappet Math method was developed by a team of educational specialists, former teachers, and subject experts led by Nina Boswinkel.

Snappet Math stands out because strategies are built up in small steps to a strategy that the students understand and can apply throughout primary school. Memorizing and automating are an integral part of Snappet Math and are integrated into the lesson plan.

The method has a balanced set of learning lines as a basis for grades K through 5, with learning goals that build on each other.