Challenging Your Stronger Students?

How great is it when your students can always work at their own level? To challenge your students even more, we have added an extra type of assignment to the arithmetic lessons of Snappet Math: flexible application.

It is important that students learn to apply everything they have learned in everyday situations. This is the final step in learning a new skill. Students practice, among other things, application, analysis, evaluation, creation, critical thinking, and reasoning. The flexible application assignments align with mainline 4 from the ERWD protocol.

Before a student starts these assignments, he or she must sufficiently master the learning goal of the lesson. Not all students always get to this point. That’s okay. You can use it at different times during the week, for example after independent processing in the plus (+).

You can find the new assignments as an extra tab on the lesson preparation page. Students find the assignments under the plus (+).

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