Can your class get to work at home?

With Snappet, your class can work independently at home. Make sure the login details for your students have been created and that your students know their own login details well.

Prepare learning goals in the work package
During homeschooling, you can easily continue to follow your regular lesson plan. Agree with your students that they can work on their work package at home. From the lesson plan on the Teaching page, you can slide the learning goals for that week into the class’s work packages.

Follow your class daily
When your students are working at home, you can follow them by clicking on Follow in the navigation bar. Use the filters to view the type of tasks (e.g., from the work package) and to view the work done over different periods (e.g., today or this week). From the growth figures, you can quickly see who needs help.

Turn on the chat function
In your dashboard, you can enable the chat function via Settings. This allows you to chat with your students safely and easily via Snappet. If you make good arrangements with your students about this, it can be very convenient while working from home! For example, you can give a compliment if someone is working hard or ask if everything is going well if it seems to be going a little less well.

Keep an eye on the progress of the curriculum
The new student overview and the student report provide you with effective feedback on your class. From the progress bar, you can quickly see how far a student has come in achieving the learning goals for this school year. Handy to check if everyone is on schedule!

Make use of the parent manual
To instruct parents/guardians of students about working at home with Snappet, you can download our manual and send it to them.

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