What am I going to learn?

Feedback to students is necessary to achieve good learning results. Within Snappet, we therefore do everything we can to provide the most effective feedback to you and your students.

An important part of this is the learning objective card. Every instruction in Snappet begins and ends with this. The learning objective card states the learning goal of that lesson, with a few examples. It serves as feed up and answers the question: What am I going to learn? You discuss with the class what the lesson is about using the learning objective card. At the end of the instruction, you show the learning objective card to the class again, to give a summary of the lesson material.

Tip! Hang the learning objective cards in the class, as a reminder for the students! You can download and print the learning objective cards for the entire week by clicking on ‘Learning Objective Cards’ in the lesson overview of a specific week.

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