A view of all classes at a glance?

A view of how things are going in all classes at a glance can be quite a task to obtain and maintain. With the new school overview in Snappet, you have it on your screen with just a few clicks. This way, you can take immediate action without losing time gathering information.

Is your class and that of your colleagues growing as expected? Are all students on schedule with the curriculum? Are there no gaps in the students’ knowledge? In Snappet, all of this is now clearly collected for you in the new school overview. A good starting point to make school agreements, adjust them, and see if everyone succeeds.

In addition to a summary of the entire school, you also see the growth, skills, and progress of the curriculum for each class. And if you notice something, you can easily click through to the next layer to view the details of your class and students.

You can now find the new school overview in your dashboard under Analyzing. Click on ‘School’ at the top of the page. You can switch to different subjects using the menu in the upper left corner.

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