What is the Level of Your Students?

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What is the Level of Your Students?

Feedback is one of the most critical elements for your students’ success. The most effective feedback is related to three feedback questions: “Where am I going?”, “How am I doing?” and “What’s the next step?”. With this background, Snappet makes the skill and target level for each learning objective clear to your students. The current skill level of a student’s learning objective is now displayed in levels (0 to 5).

These levels provide more effective feedback: the student sees his or her personal target level for the learning objective, and the colored bar indicates to what extent he or she has mastered the learning objective. The student can therefore see exactly how close he or she is to achieving the learning objective. Based on the overview of the learning objectives, the student clearly understands how much more he or she needs to practice certain learning objectives.

The skill is a percentile score that has been translated into a level:

Level 0: no known skill

Level 1: 0% – 19%

Level 2: 20% – 39%

Level 3: 40% – 59%

Level 4: 60% – 79%

Level 5: 80% – 100%

Example: If a student has level 4 for a learning objective, he scores better than at least 60% of all students in the Netherlands in the same group.

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