Insight into the Progress of Your Class?

Finally available by popular demand: a classroom overview of progress and skill. It gives you direct and puzzle-free insight into the latest progress and the skill of your class on the curriculum for the whole school year. You already had this overview per student, but now you can see at a glance where the biggest gaps are for your class as a whole. And solve them in time, of course.

Where Can You Find This Overview?
Under ‘Analyze’ in your dashboard, at the top of the page, you’ll see the number of assignments completed and a summary of the class’s growth. Below is ‘Curriculum Progress’. The bars summarize the class’s progress. Click on one of the bars to go to the new overview.

Learning Objective Statuses
For each subdomain, you see the curriculum progress of your entire class. The colored bar is a summary of all learning objective statuses. It shows how far your class has come in achieving the learning objectives. If you click on a subdomain, you’ll see more information about each learning objective. Hover your mouse over the colored bars. This way, you can see exactly which students have already achieved the learning objective, who is still growing towards the target level, and who is stuck.

Set Learning Objectives in the Work Package
With the work package slider, you quickly set specific learning objectives ready in your students’ work packages. This way, your class can easily work on learning objectives that need further practice.

Number of Assignments Completed
In the overview, you can see per subdomain and learning objective how many assignments have been completed by your students this year in total.

Skill of Your Class
If you are curious about the distribution of skill levels in your class, select the ‘Skill’ option at the top right of the overview.

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