How Do You Prepare Your Lessons?

When preparing your lessons, you now have access to a very handy overview of each lesson. The new Lesson Overview contains all the information about the lesson to optimally prepare your instructions.

What Can I Find Here?

  • Current learning goal statuses for all your students. These statuses indicate where a student stands in relation to his or her target level. Based on this, you can better tailor your lessons to the needs of your students.
  • Previous and next learning goals within the subdomain.
  • Extra required materials.
  • Didactic basis (mainline model and three-stroke model).
  • Strategy use.
  • Lesson structure.
  • Practical observation tips.
  • Learning goal card.

Where Can I Find This?
When you click on a lesson, you arrive at the preparation page for the lesson with all the instruction tasks ready. Click on the first tab “Lesson Overview” to see the overview.

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