Other Subjects and Teaching Methods

In addition to the three core subjects, Snappet also offers Citizenship, Study Skills, and Reading Comprehension.

For the subjects of mathematics, spelling, and language, you can also follow (or continue to follow) a different method with Snappet. Snappet’s strategies and didactics align excellently with almost any method. This makes it easy to switch, without any consequences for your annual planning. Even if a publisher stops developing your method, you can continue working with that method in Snappet.

Other Subjects in Snappet

In Snappet, in addition to the core subjects, you will also find the following subjects:

  • Citizenship
  • Study Skills
  • Reading Comprehension

Snappet Citizenship was developed in collaboration with Educational Concepts. There are 20 contemporary lessons, each with its own theme. Citizenship themes such as ‘Your own identity’, ‘Plastic Soup’, and ‘Democracy’ have been selected based on the SLO’s core objectives, discussions with the PO Council, the Ministry, and the Canon of Global Citizenship. These are current themes that can be deployed flexibly by you as a teacher. Major societal issues have been reduced to concrete, understandable topics. Told from the perspective of a child.

Study Skills

Study Skills are offered via Snappet based on learning objectives. The learning line is based on the SLO’s core objectives and Cito. Each grade level has six blocks, each with five lessons and a test. Each block has its own theme. We use contemporary sources and mediums of information. In this way, your students develop the study skills that are needed in this time. Examples of skills that are addressed include map reading, schematizing, and looking up information.

Reading Comprehension

For Reading Comprehension, Snappet has a collaboration with News Understanding. The current topics are taken one-on-one for levels AA, A, and B. To give Reading Comprehension via Snappet, you need a separate News Understanding Silver or Gold license. You can get this via www.newsunderstanding.nl.

Other Methods

With mathematics, Snappet also aligns with other methods such as World in Numbers (version 5, 4 and 3), Plus point (version 4, 3, and 2), Number & Space jr, Everything Counts (version 2), Counting Rich (version 3 and 2), Wizwijs, and Counting Sure. Snappet also offers different methods for language and spelling. These align with the structure of Language Active (language and spelling), Language in Picture, Spelling in Picture, Language Custom Made, and Steel spelling.

Method materials such as manuals, workbooks, interactive whiteboard, practice, and test software are no longer needed. Our instruction lessons follow the best didactics and align with the direct instruction model.

Working with Snappet means a combination of digital and paper. The Snappet methods that align with the above methods do not use workbooks, but copy sheets that you can print.

Good to know: Snappet® is a product of Snappet. References to brand names and methods of third parties are purely informational. Snappet does not work with Malmberg, Zwijsen, Noordhoff, or ThiemeMeulenhoff.