How are the math lessons structured?

The instructions in Snappet are provided with the best didactics, based on the Direct Instruction Model and aligned with EDI, DIM, and IGDI. All intermediate steps are fully worked out, so you can get started without much preparation time. Moreover, the lessons are structured in a particular way to make interaction with your class as effective as possible. Thanks to the mini-monitor with colored dots, you can immediately see if the students understand the material.

The instructional lessons consist of the following parts:

  • Introduction of the learning objective You start by introducing the learning objective of the lesson using the learning objective card. Did you know that you can also print out the learning objective card to hang in the class? You do this via the lesson page.
  • Classroom instruction The best instructional tasks are ready for you, guiding you step-by-step through the learning objective. The instruction is interactive and often contains faded areas that you can click on if you want to show the correct answer to the class. So you perform the tasks in advance, while the class watches on the interactive board.
  • Guided practice Tasks for guided practice automatically follow the instructional tasks and seamlessly connect to the instruction. You show the exercises to the class, and each student then enters their answer on their tablet or Chromebook. On your screen, you can see how many correct and incorrect answers there are and who has not yet answered.
  • Summary of the learning objective To conclude the instruction, you show the learning objective again and summarize the instruction.

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