Working with group 3 on paper?

Starting next school year, there is a completely new offering for group 3 in Snappet Math (formerly MathGoals). The method has been specially developed for this specific young target group: small steps, hands-on math, lots of room for playful and active learning, and processing in workbooks. With Snappet from group 3, you have a strong continuous line within the school.

Group 3 students are a specific target group. Learning to calculate is important, but they do it in a completely different way than the higher groups. We now seamlessly connect to that. We offer you a strong didactic basis with clear and brief instruction lessons, with activities for playful and active learning in every lesson.

Content and Structure
ou work purposefully: each week, 1 weekly goal is central. You take small steps within the weekly goal during the week. The week consists of 4 short instruction lessons and 1 play lesson or repetition lesson. Each lesson begins and ends with an activity. You can deal flexibly with the various lesson components. This way you tailor each lesson to the way that best fits you and your students.

Students process the lesson material in the workbook. For each lesson, the guided practice, independent processing, and tasks for extra challenges are in the workbook. The workbooks for group 3 are included in the license price. No extra costs.

View the new lessons
Curious about what it looks like? You can now view a test block with the new lessons:

Workbook week 32 to week 35

Lesson guide week 32 to week 35

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