Renewed Lessons in Language and Spelling

We have started this year with an update of the lessons for vocabulary, language observation, and spelling.

The Best Didactics
All lessons from theme/block 5 or week 17 are now even more clearly provided with the best didactics, aligning with the structure of the Direct Instruction Model. The instructions are – as you are used to – structured to make interaction with your class as effective as possible.

Learning Phases
You now see at every instruction task in which phase of the learning process you are in, making it even easier to give proper instruction. This way, you always maintain oversight and control, and it is even clearer what is expected from you and the students, both during lesson preparation and during the instruction itself.

Language Observation
The renewed lessons for language observation are in line with the SLO’s supply goals and the recently renewed curriculum concepts for language observation (SLO, 2021). The lesson structure and annual planning have remained the same.

The stages of the Viertakt have been added and explicitly made visible. With each word, a rich context for semantic processing is included, and an activating question as a first step towards consolidation. The lesson structure and annual planning have also remained the same here.

Handy Tips for Tasks
During the preparation of your lessons, tips are given to you at the instruction tasks. As a teacher, you are guided step by step in the instruction and guided practice.

Lesson Guide
The printable lesson guides are now also available for language and spelling lessons. You can use them to support your lesson preparation.

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