Looking for Photocopy Sheets and Posters?

Have you seen them already? Photocopy sheets and posters are ready for you. They’re handy to print for your class and use during your math lessons.

You can have your students use the empty number line to calculate addition or subtraction problems. Or print the photocopy sheets with fraction circles and percentage strips for your students to learn ratios.

You can hang the posters in the classroom as a mnemonic aid for your students, such as the metric system, fractions, percentages, and decimal numbers.

Where can I find them?
You can view all photocopy sheets and posters on this page on the info site. You can also get there via your dashboard. Click on the new button with the three dots at the top right of your lesson plan and then choose Photocopy Sheets. Specific worksheets are also available for certain lessons on the lesson preparation page.

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