Have You Seen the Annual Planning for Language and Spelling?

For language and spelling, there are now – just like for arithmetic – handy overviews available to support and prepare your lessons.

Lesson Manual
For each lesson, there is a manual available that neatly compiles all the information about the lesson. You can view the manuals in your dashboard on the preparation page for the lesson, under Lesson Overview. Prefer on paper? Download and print the lesson manual using the Lesson Manual button in the top right corner.

Annual Planning
In the annual planning, you’ll find all the lessons related to your method and grade level. For each week and lesson, you’ll see which (sub)domain and learning objective are addressed. You can use this overview to keep track of your own planning.

  • Click here for the annual plans for language
  • Click here for the annual plans for spelling

Learning Objectives Overviews
In the learning objectives overview, you can clearly see which learning objectives are covered in each grade level. This provides a complete picture of the progression of your method for grades 4 through 8.

  • Click here for the learning objectives overviews for language
  • Click here for the learning objectives overviews for spelling

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