Every Day 10 Minutes of Automating?

In Snappet, you can now find a renewed offer for automation. Automation goals with time-limited tasks and additional copy sheets are ready for you. You can also work from the arithmetic wall. Read here how you can implement the renewed automation in your class.

Integrated into your Lesson Plan
The lesson plans for groups 3 through 6 are supplemented with 2 or 3 moments a week for automating. You recognize them as a lesson in your weekly planning. With this, you can have your students automate adaptively and with a time limit. We recommend doing this for a maximum of 10 minutes at a time, for example, as a warm-up for the arithmetic lesson.

Working from the Arithmetic Wall
View the progress of your class and set custom goals through the new automation overview. In it, you will see all automation goals, divided into the layers of the arithmetic wall. You can reach this overview via the new ‘Automate’ button under ‘Arithmetic.’

Practicing with Adaptive Time Limit or on Paper
There are different practice forms that you can use to have students automate.

During adaptive work in the plus or in the work package, Snappet automatically determines within how many seconds the student should be able to give the answer: 10, 8, 6, or 4 seconds. Is the student not yet able to calculate the sums correctly within the time? Then he or she gets more time to answer the question the next time. The level also adapts here to the level of the student. Snappet recognizes when a student has sufficiently automated a goal.

You can also have your class automate on paper. For each automation goal, there are arithmetic sheets and flashcards available. You can find these in the ‘Lesson Overview’ tab on the preparation page of the lesson. Or download them all via the info site.

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