Applying Language in Final Assignments?

The subject of Language is very versatile and consists of many different parts. Perhaps the most important aspect of Language is that students can apply it in various everyday situations. But how do you test that in class? For this, there are now the meaningful final assignments in the Snappet Language method.

In the final assignments, the goals of vocabulary, oral language, and writing are reviewed, mixed, and applied. Most tasks are collaborative tasks, where students work in pairs or groups on a final product such as a vlog, a poster, or a brochure. The type of final assignment is the same for all groups in each block. So you can have your students from different groups (for example, in a combination group) work together. They can present the final product to classmates or parents. In this way, students are creatively and enjoyably engaged with language.

How does it work?
Every 4th week of the block in Snappet Language (formerly Language Goals) is devoted to the final assignment. The final assignment is fully developed for the teacher and the students, including instructional lessons for the teachers and worksheets for the students. In these lessons, work is done with step-by-step plans and checklists to also be able to create a good product.

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